Strategic Plan 2013-2016 Initiatives

Promote and provide quality services: 

  • Design and implement a process to obtain CARF Accreditation;
  • Review and update Community Support Manual;
  • Establish Quality Assurance and Safety Committee;
  • Identify service needs and/or gaps and deficiencies/areas for improvement and address;
  • Revise services as needed based on program evaluation data.

Ensure organizational financial stability:

  • Develop and monitor a more accurate agency budget;
  • Develop and implement multi-year financial plan;
  • Develop program budgets and educate staff on stewardship and use of money;
  • Identify and implement strategies to maximize Medicaid revenue received;
  • Evaluate reliability of current revenue streams;
  • Evaluate current properties and programs for impact/profitability/risk and take appropriate actions;
  • Re-evaluate Fund Development efforts and Implement a giving campaign.

Employ a professionally qualified and engaged workforce:

  • Conduct a comprehensive compensation study;
  • Revise employee orientation program with focus on industry and agency services, issues and philosophy;
  • Identify and implement ways to increase Leadership Team presence in programs;
  • Identify and implement ways to increase staff input in agency operations;
  • Revise job descriptions as needed to align with agency strategy;
  • Review and revise personnel policy; Conduct an employee satisfaction survey.

Furnish the infrastructure to support organizational operations:

  • Identify organizational systems and processes;
  • Determine standards of best practice for each identified system;
  • Develop systems to meet best practice standards.

Inspire community confidence in our programs and services:

  • Implement a formal marketing campaign;
  • Design and implement strategies to share our mission and accomplishments with the community(including public relations activities, website, and brochure).
  • Implement Quality Management processes and procedures (including designating a QM staff member and developing QM processes for each program);
  • Implement best-practice training by role; Implement 360 degree management;
  • Update Board bylaws and governance procedures;
  • Develop and implement ways to keep current Board members and recruit new Board members.