The Residential Senior Direct Support Professional (Sr. DSP) is responsible for the implementation of the Individual Support Plans (ISPs) through skill building and support to assure each individual’s independence, personal autonomy, access to community resources, and personal choice while at the residential home or in the community.  The Residential Sr. DSP is also responsible for creating a safe, nurturing home environment for individuals.

They also work very closely with the Program Manager to ensure that the day- to-day needs of their assigned program site are met, which includes the day-to-day duties ensuring the safety and welfare of the individuals receiving supports are maintained to the very highest level.

This is a non-exempt hourly rate position. The incumbent reports to the Residential Program Manager.

  • Location: Charlottesville, VA
  • Full-time, 40 hours per week. Sun 3-11, Mon & Tue 12-8, Wed 10-6, Thu 9-5
  • $19-$21/hour



  1. Implements the Individual Support Plans (ISPs) by effectively teaching and assisting individuals as outlined in each plan.  Applies positive, non-aversive approaches to providing support.
  2. Serves as acting Supervisor when Program Manager is not present.
  3. Assures a caring, supportive home environment while initiating projects and involving individuals in all day-to-day home activities to the furthest extent possible for each individual.  Provides recommendations to the Program Manager for program changes.
  4. Maintains daily and other regularly scheduled documentation and reports regarding individual activities, programs, and their progress.  Maintains documentation as required and within required timeframes.  Uses professional, person-centered language in the completion of all documentation.
  5. Assists individuals with medication administration while assuring its accuracy.  Monitors individuals to assess medication effectiveness and side effects and reports observations to Program Manager for follow up.  Notes and reports errors in medication administration.
  6. Plans and initiates a variety of in-home and community-based recreational activities that incorporate individual preferences, skills, and financial resources as well as concepts of community inclusion and participation.  Supports and respects individuals in the identification and implementation of recreational activities.
  7. Assures the safety of individuals and makes reasonable efforts to protect individuals from harm, abuse, and exploitation.  Immediately reports any concerns or observations of potential harm, abuse, or exploitation.
  8. Understands and demonstrates competency; assures the rights of individuals in accordance with DBHDS Office of Human Rights to include protecting individuals from harm, abuse, and exploitation. Immediately reports any concerns or observations of potential harm, abuse, or exploitation.
  9. Assures and promotes the rights of individuals in accordance with HCBS (Home and Community Based Services) to include integration and full access to the community, individual rights of privacy, dignity, respect, and freedom from coercion and restraint, individual autonomy, and independence in making life choices and facilitates individual choice in services and supports.
  10. Maintains the home in accordance with DBHDS licensing regulations, which includes routine cleaning and general home maintenance and other duties as assigned by the Program Manager.
  11. Assures the program facility is safe and secure, reports immediately any safety concerns identified and takes action to address or protect the individuals including contacting emergency services or police as needed.
  12. Provides transportation to individuals when necessary for daily commuting, healthcare needs, and community activities.
  13. Utilizes necessary equipment (i.e. Hoyer Lift, etc.) to assure the safe transfer of the individuals as well as protecting oneself from personal injury.
  14. Attends at least one staff meeting per month; attends other trainings and meetings as required to maintain knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  15. Performs other related duties as assigned.



  1. Works with the individuals to create menus that include food that the individuals choose to eat while ensuring any dietary recommendations from their primary care physician are met. Coordinates grocery/supply shopping.
  2. Works with Program Manager to ensure Petty Cash Receipts are reviewed, reconciled, and copied/submitted in a timely manner.
  3. Assists in finding staff coverage when individuals are ill and remain at home.
  4. Assists with Physician appointments as needed.
  5. Assists with filing as needed.
  6. Completes Residential Home walk-through on a daily basis by completing small tasks that need to be done, look for patterns that need to be reported to Program Manager, and discuss with the site team.
  7. Other specified duties as determined by the Program Manager/Directors.



Knowledge of:  intellectual and developmental disabilities; concepts and principles of barrier-free environments, person-centered principles, community integration, independent living needs of individuals with disabilities.

Skills:   Safe operation of passenger vehicles as evidenced by a valid Virginia driving license and an acceptable Department of Motor Vehicle driving record, CPR/First Aid procedures, crisis prevention and intervention, emergency responses, and thorough documentation.

Ability:  to lift and transfer at least 50 pounds for transfers of the individuals while utilizing appropriate equipment (i.e. Hoyer Lift) to prevent personal injury or injury to individuals. Must work independently; follow directions; communicate verbally and in writing; interact effectively and courteously with a variety of individuals with disabilities; teach effectively, personal care assistance.



High School Diploma or equivalent (e.g. GED) or any combination of training and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Successful completion of The Arc of the Piedmont’s staff certification program.