The Sponsored Residential and In Home Services Manager serves as an operational and clinical manager for all sponsored and home-based residential services provided by the agency by providing assistance in developing person-centered individualized service plans.  In this capacity, they are responsible for coordinating the resources necessary to provide an integrated, coordinated system of community inclusion to bring individuals with disabilities, families, community resources, and individual community members together to support individuals with disabilities living in the community.  The manager assures that all regulatory and service requirements are met.

Sponsored Residential services comprises most of the responsibility. In this service delivery model, the host family is licensed as a contractor through The Arc of the Piedmont.  The host family (e.g. Sponsored Residential Provider) is responsible for meeting the needs of the individual including implementing the individual’s service plan goals. Acting as a representative of the sponsoring agency, The Arc of the Piedmont, the Manager is responsible for assuring that all facets and requirements of the model are in keeping with all regulatory, service, safety, and philosophical standards.

This is a full-time professional level exempt position.  The incumbent reports to the Deputy Executive of Community Support Services.  In carrying out position duties, they perform in accordance with professional ethics and established policies.  The incumbent is expected to function with substantial initiative as well as utilizing independent judgment.



  1. Develops and manages an integrated and coordinated system of community integration through education, promotion, consultation, and collaboration with other programs provided by the agency, other agencies, and private providers.
  2. Provides licensing and clinical guidance and sets up controls for the provision of services by the Sponsored Residential providers & In-Home staff.  Consults in the development of Individualized Service Plans (ISPs); ensures the provision of high-quality services appropriate to the needs of individuals receiving services.
  3. Develops ISPs that incorporates person-centered thinking practices and addresses the long-term goals in accordance with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS), Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS), and agency regulations for each individual receiving services.
  4. Provides administrative guidance and sets up controls for the regular review of records (including financial and medication administration); the systematic collection and posting of data; preparation of periodic reports including Individualized Service Plans according to organizational procedures and regulatory compliance statutes; ensures the maintenance of records for individuals.
  5. Supervises Sponsored Residential Providers & In-Home staff while coordinating staff development and performance evaluations; Facilitates regular staff meetings to include in-service education.
  6. Acts as a facilitator for individuals receiving consumer-directed services.  Maintains records and all required documentation for in-home, consumer-directed, and respite services.  Maintains regular contact with Sponsored Residential providers as well as the families of in-home, consumer-directed, and respite services to assure satisfaction with services.
  7. Screens referrals for In-Home Residential Services & Sponsored Residential and provides input to the Executive Deputy Director of Community Support Services to make admission and placement decisions for these programs.
  8. Assists in developing, monitoring, and operating within an annual budget.
  9. Assures and promotes the rights of individuals in accordance with Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) to include integration and full access to the community, individual rights of privacy, dignity, respect, and freedom from coercion and restraint, individual autonomy, and independence in making life choices and facilitates individual choice in services and supports.
  10. Performs other related duties as assigned.



Knowledge of:  Considerable knowledge of intellectual and developmental disability delivery systems including Medicaid Waivers, principles of person-centered planning and community engagement/inclusion, lifestyle development training, family support, behavioral support strategies, service coordination, governmental regulations of residential services, peer counseling, group process, program promotion, public relations, social services systems, housing, and agencies working with individuals with disabilities.

Skills:  Development and monitoring of individualized service programs, social interactions, public promotion, service coordination, program development, community development and collaboration, staff supervision and development, teaching; safe operation of passenger vehicles as evidenced by a valid Virginia driving license and an acceptable Department of Motor Vehicle driving record; CPR and first aid procedures, Medication Administration certification, crisis intervention and emergency response.

Abilities:  Ability to manage concurrent operating programs; write and speak effectively; exercise leadership and supervise the work of others; educate/train staff; interact effectively and maintain favorable relationships with staff, individuals receiving services and the public; present a professional and compassionate image; organize material effectively; document accurately; and meet required documentation deadlines; analyze trends in an effort to develop/implement appropriate responses.



Bachelor’s degree in social work or human services related field and two years of progressively responsible experience providing and managing services for individuals with intellectual disability, developmental disabilities, or other special populations; or any combination of training and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.  One year experience supervising staff.


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $48,000.00 – $56,000.00 per year