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If your question is not answered below, please contact The Arc of the Piedmont at 434-977-4002.

How many of your clients use Medicaid waivers?2022-10-05T10:54:03-04:00

All clients do.

How many folks usually live at the Arc?2022-10-05T10:54:14-04:00

24 live in our residential homes.

How many folks does The Arc of the Piedmont serve in the area?2022-10-05T10:54:23-04:00


The Arc of the Piedmont’s mission2022-10-05T10:54:33-04:00
  • Mission: That individuals with developmental disabilities are fully integrated into the community and living life to the fullest.
  • Vision: Providing services and advocacy to individuals with developmental disabilities who desire to have a full, rich life of living, working and playing in our community.
  • The Arc of the Piedmont is a non-profit membership organization serving families and individuals in the city of Charlottesville and the counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, and Nelson. As the local chapter of The Arc, we are dedicated to improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities.
  • At The Arc of the Piedmont, we use individual and corporate donations to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities through community living services, day support and pre-vocational programs, as well as education and advocacy in our community and state.
    Community Living Services: We offer residential services in the local community for people with developmental disabilities. Community Living Services include In-Home Residential, Sponsored Residential, and Group Homes in the city of Charlottesville, and the counties of Albemarle, Nelson, and Louisa.
  • Day Support Programs: We offer adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to be more independent, learn new skills, visit new places, and make new friends. We provide individualized supports, skill building, and communication. Activities and experiences are designed to enable individuals to achieve their highest potential in interdependence and participation in the community.
  • Education and Advocacy: We help keep families connected and supported. We strive to secure and sustain the full range of rights, opportunities, and choices for a satisfying and productive life with dignity for all people with disabilities. In addition to community education and peer support, we engage in legislative, administrative, and legal advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels to encourage new and better services and a welcoming community.
Can you use donations of clothing, computers, furniture, etc. for the people they support and are these donations tax deductible?2022-10-05T10:54:41-04:00

Yes, people we support can make very good use of donated items for themselves, their rooms and their homes and these items are tax deductible. For more information, please contact Bryan Harris at 434-977-4002 ext. 110 or email him at bharris@arcpva.org.

How can I volunteer my time?2022-08-03T18:06:46-04:00

To volunteer for The Arc of the Piedmont activities, please contact Yuki Weaver at 434-977-4002 ext. 124 or email her at yweaver@arcpva.org.

Where can I find more information regarding the basics on Medicaid?2022-08-03T18:06:58-04:00

Contact Karen O’Rourke at 434-977-4002, or email her at korourke@arcpva.org.

How do I get more information on services available to individuals with developmental disabilities?2022-08-03T18:07:12-04:00

Contact Karen O’Rourke at 434-977-4002, or email her at korourke@arcpva.org.

Do you have any advocacy services?2022-10-21T19:30:02-04:00

Yes, The Arc of the Piedmont strives to secure and sustain a full range of rights, opportunities and choices for people with developmental disabilities. We engage in legislative, administrative and legal advocacy at the local, state and federal levels.

Are the people being supported able to see the doctor of their choice?2022-08-03T18:08:50-04:00

Yes – in MR waiver residences, they can. They are also responsible for any of their own medical expenses not covered by Medicaid.

Will The Arc provide transportation to medical appointments?2022-08-03T18:07:54-04:00


How much will the rent be?2022-08-03T18:08:03-04:00

In our waiver residences, room and board is approximately 85% of income (SSI or SSDI), and that includes social activities.

What kinds of activities are offered in your residential programs?2022-08-03T18:08:16-04:00

People we support are involved in many community activities that include church activities, Special Olympics, Parks & Rec classes, ball teams and a variety of others depending on your interests.

Are there men and women living in the same group homes?2022-08-03T18:08:33-04:00

Yes – all of our homes, with the exception of one, are mixed gender.

Do I have to have a developmental disability diagnosis to live in an Arc home?2022-08-03T18:09:09-04:00

Yes – The Arc’s residential homes support only individuals with developmental disabilities. The Arc can also serve individuals in their own home as well.

Can I get help at my home?2022-08-03T18:09:23-04:00

Yes, you can. The Arc of the Piedmont offers consumer directed respite, consumer directed personal assistance and in-home residential care with consumer direction provided for children and adults. We also offer residential support services for adults in five different homes in the city of Charlottesville, as well as Albemarle and Nelson Counties.

Am I eligible for services?2022-08-03T18:09:33-04:00

To find out if you are eligible for services, please contact Karen O’Rourke at 434-977-4002, or email her at korourke@arcpva.org.

How are the Adult Activities Centers funded?2022-08-03T18:09:44-04:00

The Adult Activities Center is funded through Medicaid, scholarships, and private pay.

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