Sponsored Residential Services

Provided by a family or individual who is licensed to provide care to an individual in their home.
The family or individual is licensed through The Arc and the host family is responsible for meeting the needs of the individual including implementing the person’s service plan goals.

Sponsored Residential Opportunities Available

The Arc of the Piedmont is looking for Sponsored Residential providers. This is a very exciting opportunity for the entire agency. The Arc of the Piedmont connects adults who have intellectual disabilities with families who take on the role of Family Sponsor. The Family Sponsor offers their home, time and support to an individual in daily living and skills that will help him or her achieve personal goals, independence and wider social supports. Sponsored Residential Providers are not direct employees of The Arc of the Piedmont; rather, they are contract employees.

In order to be considered for licensing, candidates must be found eligible based on criminal history background checks and Child Protective Services registry checks. Candidates must also meet requirements for minimum knowledge, skills and abilities according to their job description. For sponsored residential positions, the requirements are a total of one year direct experience working with persons with intellectual disabilities or developmental disabilities or a bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, special education or related field. Completion of CPR, First Aid, College of Direct Supports within the first six months, medication administration. Training and certification are available through The Arc of the Piedmont.

Becoming a sponsored provider is a two-fold process. Both the individual who wants to become a sponsored provider and their home must meet standards. After an assessment of the candidate’s capabilities, experience and training, and financial capacity to meet expenses, and after it is determined that the home is suitable and meets requirements, the sponsored provider is licensed through the Arc of the Piedmont to provide care in their home.  Placement is contingent upon the desire of the individual who is seeking placement.

For more information about Sponsored Residential opportunities please contact Karen O’Rourke at 977-4002 ext. 131 or e-mail: korourke@arcpva.org .