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Get to Know The Arc Studio

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The Arc Studio is a visual arts program and studio space located at The Arc of the Piedmont in Charlottesville, Virginia. Started in the summer of 2021, The Arc Studio program provides a supportive, open studio environment where adult artists with developmental disabilities can create, experiment, explore, and connect through authentic art making experiences.

The Arc Studio program supports artists at every stage of the art making process, from experimentation, play, material exploration, and skill building, to the development of individual styles, artistic visions, and the display and sale of artwork.

While the studio program is designed to facilitate artists in their artistic development, the program does not dictate what or how artists create. Each member of the Arc Studio directs their own artistic impulses, curiosity, and growth.

To learn more about the program or schedule a tour, contact Amy Keenan-Amago at or 919-260-3108. You can also follow us on Instagram

Our Guiding Principles

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The Arc Studio program is organized around an overarching belief in the universal human impulse to create and communicate through art. The following principles guide our program goals and implementation:

  • Autonomy and Agency
  • Creative Play
  • Dignity of Risk
  • Experimentation
  • Following Curiosity
  • Presumption of Competence
  • Material and Sensory Engagement
  • Self Expression
  • Playfulness and Humor

Studio Coordinator

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Arc Studio Coordinator Amy Keenan Amago

Amy Keenan-Amago,
Studio Coordinator

The Arc Studio was founded by Amy Keenan-Amago who is an artist, art educator, and VCU doctoral student living in Charlottesville, Virginia. Amy designed and coordinates the program, manages the studio, and handles exhibitions and sales. She believes deeply in The Arc Studio program and its incredible artists, and is enthusiastic about developing community partnerships and growing the program in new ways. Please reach out if you are interested in learning more. email: phone: 919-260-3108

Get Involved

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Interested in becoming a part of The Arc Studio’s community of artists, fans, and supporters? There are several ways to get involved: